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When starting the building process, whether it be for a home renovation, an ADU, a commercial office building, or constructing an entirely new home- there is one inevitable step you cannot avoid- securing legal building permits. While plenty of folks choose to build illegally and run the risk of heavy fines and potential for mandated tear-downs, others are opting to follow the rules and invest where it counts.
Relative Cost
So, how much can you expect to budget for this (oftentimes) burdensome facet of building? Well, unfortunately, there really is no simple answer. There isn’t exactly a statewide price point to expect for building permits because the deciding cost factors are really left up to each county to decide for their residents. That being said, you can expect your total permit fees to account for a range between 6- 18% of your project’s overall budget.
The typical price in the States for securing a legal permit is estimated to be around $1,220, while the average range is between $440- $2,000. That’s a fairly large price difference, however, these costs will ensure that once everything is approved, you will have no barriers to building your vision and can lean into your project fully and confidently. In a big city, permits can cost anywhere from about $7,500, while in small towns, permits could be as low as $100.
Where They’re Needed
Building permits are required and necessary in all types and sizes of remodeling and homebuilding situations. Permits aim to ensure that construction is carefully considered and performed in compliance with state and local codes, and perhaps most importantly- that they adhere to a variety of important safety standards in place. This indicates that any failure to obtain a building permit is a violation of Contractors License Law. Construction performed without a permit can easily end in uncomfortable liability and additional costs and hassle for the homeowner. These hiccups can delay building for months or even years, and can often be much more of a costly endeavor than just getting the permits in the first place.
Fines may be assessed if building occurs without a permit. A home can be tagged for a fine each time an inspector drives through a neighborhood and sees work being completed without a permit. Failure to properly permit your property and it’s existing structures could also make it very difficult to sell the home in the future because most buyers don’t want to become entangled in an unavoidable permitting nightmare.
Even That Needs A Permit?!
Permits really stretch to the far reaches of building- past any nuance you might have thought could go unnoticed. A great example, are fences. If you plan to build a fence without a permit, chances are you’ll get caught and endure a slew of costly violations charges until the issue is remedied. Most municipalities enforce zoning laws that tightly regulate fence height, materials used, as well as the style of fence (in a historic district for example).
Generally, a building permit is required for any and all renovations that could involve changes to the structure of the building, or various systems within the home. Most projects require some sort of electrical or plumbing alterations, with bathroom renovations known for their extensive and cumbersome wiring and piping.
Some repairs and renovations may not require a permit. But you don’t really know what qualifies and what does not. That’s why it is so important to work with a professional permitting agency before starting any construction. Even if you already have secured some amazing architectural plans and are excited to start, always air on the safe side by running your proposed plans through an agency. SKSI offers exactly that and will complete the permitting and compliance standards for your project efficiently, effectively, and at an affordable cost.
Set yourself, your build, (and your future buyers) by working with the best drafting and permitting company around. SKSI combines it’s retail mall locations with drafting services, licensed Architectural services, engineering, and permit expediting to provide quality, ecologically sound construction permits, planning, and design at a high technical level. For more information on our services, including ADU Designs in Glendale, architectural plans, structural and civil engineering, feel free to visit us online. SKSI staff members are easily accessible seven days a week ready and excited to serve you. Whether you are a new, existing or previous customer, we encourage you to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives today! Contact Us to start the conversation about your project.


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