These Three Things Will Help You Succeed In an Oversaturated Market

Commercial Tenant Improvements
As a US architect, developer, or general contractor, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out and compete in the over saturated contemporary building industry. With so many fresh design and building companies, one can often feel lost in a sea of competing businesses. Especially with today’s rapidly growing internet presence, it can be difficult to garner the attention you need to attract new clients and maintain a flourishing business. Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can stand out amongst your competition. Whether you’re an ADU Architect in Glendale, a Southern California contractor, or a house-flipper in Los Angeles, we’ve outlined the three key ways in which to stay ahead of the curve and dominate the building industry
Tailoring Your Projects
This is to say, do everything you can to cater to your client’s needs. Too many contractors, designers, and developers enter into a project without fully understanding their clients on a personal level, and therefore, they miss the mark. When it comes to building plans and blueprints, it’s so important to tailor the design to suit the client’s lifestyle, their family type, and their “house goals”. Conscious decisions such as designing flexible living rooms that can be opened up or partitioned off with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass room partitions will provide your clients with options. If the client indicates that they have concerns for the environment and are interested in green building techniques and features, provide them with just that. Client satisfaction comes from feeling that their needs are being heard and met. Leaving your clients happy and in awe of your design will do the marketing work for you- after all, word of mouth is the most effective medium in obtaining new customers. And it’s free!
Hire The Best in Permits and Planning
Everyone knows the burdensome (and costly) permitting process is no simple endeavor. Permitting is so difficult, that, unfortunately, the process keeps a lot of people from carrying out their design dreams. With permitting’s high cost and all of the unusual hoops to jump through, this process can be a stifling deterrent halting progress on any building project. Especially with Califonia’s Title 24 zoning requirements, it is exceedingly crucial to work with permitters that know what they are doing, and can successfully comply with California’s green standard. By choosing the right permitting company, you’ll set your project up for success and ensure the entire process- from start to finish- is one smooth experience. A competent plans and permits company will be able to successfully actualize you and your client’s design visions and even expedite building permits to speed up the often lengthy process.
Stay Up To Date
The biggest killer of any architectural business is offering outdated, disinteresting designs that don’t inspire clients. As a top designer, contractor or developer, you’ll have to stay as up to date on design trends as possible. Right now, there is a massive demand for green buildings and eco-conscious contractors. Crafting environmentally forward, bespoke designs for your clients will undoubtedly set your business apart from your competition and will leave you and your customers feeling clean and karma free. Building with intention, sourcing sustainable materials, and building with the surrounding environment and climate will speak volumes to your ethical standards and consciousness for the planet.
Due to our critical global environmental situation going into 2020, it has become exceedingly important to work with competent designers and permitters that boast years of experience and expertise with ecologically sound construction permits, planning, and design at a high technical level. At SKSI, we provide some of the top engineers and architectural designers ready to draft and dream up your innovative construction plans with you.
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