Speaker with Robert Kiyosaki @ Rich Dad / Poor Dad

I have spoken to crowds up to 1,000 people as a guest speaker and specialist in Real Estate investing and financing.  In this photo, I am (holding the microphone) on stage with Robert Kiyosaki, world renown author of Rich Dad / Poor Dad.  This particular event was broadcast by San Francisco’s KCBS and I was speaking about my audio, video, reading materials and seminars on financing.
My experience in financing dates back to the beginning of my career, which started at 18 years old.  After obtaining my Florida mortgage broker’s license, I became one of the top 200 highest producing loan officers in the United States (Originator Magazine), closing as many as 996 loans in a single year.  By the time I was 26 my company was the Official Lender of the Alta Vista Search Engine and Alexander Finance, which accepted as many as 2,250 loan applications per month with a volume over $360 Million per month.


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