SKSI Vegas Grand Opening

Home Construction PlansAn exciting and noteworthy development has arrived at the trendy Las Vegas Meadows Mall- a groundbreaking business venture and architectural innovation. SKSI Plans and Permits, the first national brand to offer architectural plans, engineering, and building permit services, has officially opened its doors at the Meadows Mall in Las Vegas.
As the SKSI motto goes, “Enter with an idea and leave with a plan”, this expedited plan and permitting agency is the all-in-one solution (and inspiration) for checking off all of your building needs. By cutting out the unnecessary stress of dealing with the City until construction begins, owners and contractors can now streamline the entire process and secure the permits they need in one simplified building. Inside their convenient mall locations, SKSI has successfully eliminated the need for going through the building department, as their hands-on team handles everything from the initial concepts and ideation, all the way through to securing permit approval.
With the opening of their latest location in the Meadows Mall, SKSI welcomingly stands at the main entrance on the south side of the mall, and already has generated much excitement and building productivity. For many, seeing a permitting agency inside a mall may seem out of place. Recently, however, malls across the States have undergone a sizable transitional evolution, wherein we see a steady move away from simple clothing franchises (burdened by an over saturated market) to fresh businesses moving in ranging from Tesla to Starbucks, beauty salons, and even grocery stores. SKSI is positioning itself in this updated environment and offering a much sought-after service you just can’t get anywhere else.
Vegas is, of course, a burgeoning city with a high demand for innovative architecture, along with ceaseless building, remodeling and renovating. Having a top-notch plans and permits agency within reach makes the entire building process so much easier for contractors, realtors, homeowners, developers, investors, and government officials alike.

Walking into their brand new building, one feels instantly transported into the inner workings of a building project think tank. The space is incredibly unique, displaying artful wallpaper made from larger-than-life real architectural plans. Futuristic translucent light-up LED edged desks make a bespoke statement. The ceiling is made to look like a CAD background, while opulent polished white floors broaden the space and reflect hanging LED wall signs. A sweeping open floor plan breaths incredibly well and allows the building experience to feel open and available for cohesion. The design is nothing less than masterful- an inviting call to all architectural aficionados ready to get down to business and work together with one of SKSI’s exceedingly knowledgeable, ever approachable agents. Specializing in a myriad of services, from custom residential homes, additions and remodels, renovations and new structures, to commercial tenant improvements, subdivisions, multi-family, and land entitlements, SKSI really has everything you could need to actualize your building dreams.
Boasting a team of highly qualified architects, SKSI sets them self apart from the rest and leaves the customer forgetting any former permitting process before this one. Leaving all the past stresses and building traumas at the door, this agency is here to make the process as smooth as possible.
This new location is open during all available mall hours and open for walk-ins without an appointment. Experience what it feels like to thoroughly enjoy a plans and permitting process. Visit SKSI online to find out what locations are offered in your city. Ensure your build a total success when working with the best drafting and permitting company around. SKSI combines it’s retail mall locations with drafting services, licensed Architectural services, engineering, and permit expediting to provide quality, ecologically sound construction permits, planning, and design at a high technical level. For more information on our services feel free to visit us online. SKSI staff members are easily accessible seven days a week ready and excited to serve you. Whether you are a new, existing or previous customer, we encourage you to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives today! Contact Us to start the conversation about your project.


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