Setting Yourself Up For the Best ROI

When setting out to undertake any sizable home improvement, be it an ADU, remodel, facelift, or starting from scratch, why is choosing the experts in plans and permits so crucial? Tackling a home project, however large or small, requires extensive knowledge of all the required steps and processes needed from start to finish. From visualizing and designing drafts to the strenuous permitting process, during building and after finishing the project, you’ll need help from the absolute best. With so much opportunity for things to go wrong, you’ll want to ensure that you and your home are in good hands. Taking into consideration all of the necessary steps involved in home improvements, here is a list of the top essentials you’ll get from an expert company. These tips will make your renovation a breeze.

  • Visualizing and Designing

When hiring a drafting design and service company, you want to find one that is affordable, prompt and professional. They should be able to listen intently to your specific needs and requirements, vision, goals and craft a draft that caters to those specifics intentionally. The drafting service you choose will undoubtedly have the largest impact on the success or failure of your new project. It is so crucial to find competent designers with years of experience and expertise with construction permits, as it is a very specialized and technical skill. At SKSI, we provide some of the top engineers and architectural designers ready to draft and dream up your construction plans with you. Because any home improvement starts with a design and a well-thought-out draft, it’s more important to work with the right drafting and permitting company before anything else. All of the ensuing details and construction teams will follow after you get your vision successfully put to paper. The main difference between architect and draftsman is that an architect can do almost all types of tasks involved in building, whereas drafters are specialists who focus their attention on creating beautiful designs and clear, concise drafts for the builders to follow. Creating the framework is no easy feat, which is why we at SKSI pride ourselves in our ability to imagine up the idyllic home whether it’s new home construction planning, a necessary ADU, or a home remodel.

  • Cost Management

One of the largest factors going into any home improvement project is facing the undeniable cost that stretches from start to finish. It is paramount that you successfully manage and prepare for the burdensome cost that this upgrade will have on your finances. When working with a drafting company, you want to make certain that your chosen company has your best interests in mind when drafting your designs. That is to say- attention to cost, the fine details, preparing for the unexpected, materials, workers, and timeline. The biggest problem that most homeowners run into during a big project is that they haven’t budgeted enough or thought about variables that could arise, adding to the overall cost and extension of the build. The last thing you want is getting three-quarters of the way through your build, and running out of money. Hiring the right drafting service team will ensure that you can enter into your proposed project fully aware and ready to pay the price.
Something SKSI values is addressing and balancing the retail value with the cost to build. For example, in building an ADU to rent out, you want to make sure that you’ll be able to make back the cost of your new unit reasonably quickly by monetizing it. You should be garnering a positive ROI within a relatively small timeline if you’re wise about it.

  • Permitting

There is a myriad of different and very critical reasons for hiring a great permitting company. Permits are a massive headache, require a mountain of paperwork, fact-checking, needless rules and regulations, and hoops to jump through. If you aren’t in good hands with your permitting agents, you could cost yourself tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes, court hearings, and ensuing issues if even the slightest law or regulation was overlooked.
Here are a few reasons why choosing an accomplished permitting company is everything:

  • to have an agent double-check basic safety. An inspector is not going to look at every aspect of the work, but they can oftentimes spot serious and potentially monumental issues that could pose a problem if left unaddressed.
  • To prevent the occurrence of serious consequences for violating zoning/ other types of code compliance. Needless to say, investing time, effort, and money into your home improvement is already difficult enough. But putting a new structure in place only to find out that you’ll have to tear it down—or spend thousands of dollars in court defending your right to keep it standing could be a huge nightmare.
  • to ensure that any alterations that could affect the official tax descriptions of the property are on the record and approved. By choosing the pros and being prepared in advance, your new renovations won’t end up causing issues when the house or building is being sold in the future.


  • Title 24 and Green Building

Choosing designers and architectural engineers with a passion for innovation and an understanding of green building is not only a wise decision, but it’s also the only viable option moving into the new decade. With Califonia’s Title 24 zoning requirements, it is exceedingly crucial to work with permitters that know what they are doing, and can successfully comply with Califonia’s green standard. The California Energy Code is the sixth section of the California Building Standards Code and was created by the California Building Standards Commission in 1978 in response to a legislative mandate to reduce California’s energy consumption. These requirements have vastly improved the quality of our air, reduced pollution and conserved an enormous amount of energy. At SKSI, we use custom-developed software that streamlines design and the overall permitting process.
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