3D Renderings

SKSI offers 3D Rendering and walk-throughs presenting full-fledged impression of a future building or space in the smallest detail.

SKSI offers a future building or space in the smallest detail.

VR – Virtual Reality

SKSI is on the cutting edge of VR – Virtual Reality. VR is revolutionizing the design process beyond 3D with emersive VR experiences of the finished project.

SKSI plans & permits is on the cutting edge of VR – Virtual Reality

Design & Architectural Plans

SKSI provides exceptional drafting and design services. Complete construction drawings: Index Sheet, Site Plan, As-Built & Proposed, Electrical, Elevations, Sections, Notes, etc.

SKSI plan & permits provides complete construction drawings


Not all projects require engineering, but if they do SKSI has it covered. Advantage to design in cooperation with engineering. Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical.

With engineering there’s an advantage to design in cooperation.

Title 24 Energy Calculations

Title 24 calculations and compliance reports are required in California. Energy efficiency, increases reliability, improved comfort, and reduction of environmental impact.

SKSI provides title 24 energy calculations – In USA & California

Permit Expediting

Permits are where the rubber meets the road. Planning, Zoning and DBS approvals are foundational steps in construction. SKSI employs experts to navigate these waters.

Navigate these waters with SKSI permit expediting professionals


Commercial &

SKSI Plans & Permits provides expert, fast, affordable and extremely accessible services for residential & commercial projects nationwide.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

SKSI has been designing, legalizing and permitting ADUs for years and is considered one of the expert firms in this arena. AKA: granny flat, apartment, pool house, guest house, or back house.


Need a bit of extra space in your home? Let's steal some your garage! SKSI provides inspiring ideas for garage conversions.

Non-permitted Space

SKSI’s proprietary processes include the use of custom-developed software that streamlines the design and permit processes.


SKSI is expert at legalizing, designing and permitting home additions. They are a great way to expand living area, increase property and resale value, and improve the use of space.


Interior and Exterior remodels include: vaulting ceilings, raising headers, removal of walls, bathroom and kitchen remodel, closet configuration, exterior sprucing, etc.


Custom home plans based on your architectural choices and requirements. Expert designers collaborate to produce spectacular projects maximizing your property’s genetic potential.


Commercial space is the canvas where your vision and business merge. SKSI experts design retail, restaurants, manufacturing, grocery, entertainment & hospitality.

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