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Currently, the architectural practice is in constant growth and development, thanks to the new methodologies that the technological and digital market offers to architecture through specialized design programs and software for making Commercial Construction Remodeling plans.

Within the planning and structuring of a construction project, there are several stages that must be carefully followed in order to achieve the pre-set results; therefore, one of the most important elements when carrying out work is the architectural plans.

Likewise, years ago, architectural plans were limited to freehand technical drawings and were even considered by many as works of art due to the time and materials they used to bring out even the smallest detail.

Now, the constant technological innovation made architects evolve day by day to adapt to the changes demanded by the disciplinary field of architecture; therefore, tools such as computational design and all that it encompasses make their place in the business.

The new means of architectural design bring a new scenario and a broader and more complex project scope, that is, they offer more technologically advanced methods for creating more complex structures that are constructively viable and of high quality in architectural design.

Since the architectural plans show the location, design, and dimensions of a project with precision, as we mentioned, it must be taken into account that it is a decisive step – as well as a delicate one – planning a project and taking it to the reality through constructive processes.

In simpler words, the information contained in the architectural plans allows the development of the construction.

Whether in physical or digital media, architectural plans have the essential advantage of documenting everything that a construction project encompasses, be it a home, building or other, its main function is to record everything related to the work: dimensions, location, terrain, furniture, spatial distribution, etc., in order to have support and guidance in the creation process, thus helping a harmonious flow of the project.

A comprehensive architectural design is that project created by an expert team in architecture in which a creative and intelligent solution is achieved. Within the project under development, the architectural plans form the basis of the representation of the project, which plays a determining role in the development of the design.

In many cases, clients do not know about the importance of the architectural plans of a project in the final performance of the construction. In the architectural plans the details of the project are defined, the construction specifications and even the construction processes are expressed.

Today architectural plans are documents that are derived from the comprehensive modelling of the project. The information contained in the architectural plans is considered as the basis that ensures the quality of a project since they must contain the necessary information to ensure quality in the technical specifications and construction processes.

At SKSI, we are committed to the quality of our projects and we have all our capacity and creativity so that the initiatives of our clients are developed according to their expectations. As expert architects we consider that to build an architectural project it is necessary to prepare and plan all aspects that may directly or indirectly affect the building.

That is why an architectural plan or a construction plan is the planimetric representation of a project that contains all the technical and constructive information.

3 Characteristics of the Architectural Plans are as follows:

The architectural plans clearly express the variety of information that underpins the development of the project such as the context, topography, orientation, as well as the information of the project regarding its dimensions and the scope of its architectural and technical development.

The plans are perfectly coordinated with the other components and aspects of the technical projects since this is the basic information for the correct development of the work.

The architectural and technical plans form the basis of the limited and precise budget. The plans contain the necessary information to validate the feasibility of a project and its constructive development.

During the construction process, the plans are the fundamental reference document for both the construction details and the specifications and the construction processes, additionally, they include the repository of the construction record of the work since all changes and adjustments must be reflected in them.

A team of expert architects is not only in charge of designing a project, but also has the ability to lead the structuring of the work by knowing all its facets very precisely.

The planner is capable of generating strategies in the planning and design of the space, he also establishes the construction methodologies and recommends the qualities of the materials that can be arranged for the architectural work.

A team of expert architects manages the production of drawings and design models and can carry out analysis processes to make the environmental performance of the project more efficient.

All these points are those that a team of professionals must cover when you want to start an architectural work, which is why, we at SKSI, offer advice on the design, planning, and structuring of the project, in urban planning and preservation plans, so that your project is a success.

It is important to highlight that any project or architectural work is born from the need to create spaces that meet the needs and comply with the desired comfort conditions.

We consider that a project should be oriented towards achieving the results within an established period of time, with a beginning and an end, which establishes the scope and resources. For this, we make Commercial Construction Blueprints, based on a previous research process that guides the design.

Multi Family Construction Planning Glendale defined as the first phase of a project, in which the client seeks the advice of an expert, which guarantees compliance with the plan.

At this stage, an analysis of the space and its function is carried out, as well as the risks of implementation, the study of determining characteristics of the site, the conditions of the terrain, the existing constructions, the assigned budget, and the execution time.

We pay special attention to space and its perception, seeking to achieve innovative design proposals. This is why we focus on generating excellent Construction Drawings with a holistic perspective.

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