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Company introduction

It is our pleasure to introduce our Electrical consulting firm, which has been operating as a new entity in the Electrical Engineering market since 2016. Our team members individually possess over eighteen years of professional experience in multiple Commercial and Residential types of facilities including office TI, Retail, Multi-family Residential and Institutional facilities throughout California.

Integrity, ethics, and professionalism illustrate the core tenets and practices of our firm. Based on the inherit culture of innovation IDEA, Inc. utilizes building information modeling (BIM) and computer aided drafting (CAD) to meet client expectations with proven benefits. Each project is customized with a complete in-house quality assurance review for compliance with local, State, and National codes, providing our client an accurate and precise electrical equipment data modeling system and construction documents. IDEA, Inc. ensures our clients receive quality engineering services that are consistently on-time, on-budget and environmentally conscious, which eases the review process for our clients and all building permitting agencies. IDEA, Inc. works closely with our clients to achieve their goals and objectives. Our firm has qualified and experienced personnel committed to our client’s needs. IDEA Inc. shares a feeling of ownership in each project, which is treated with care and precision.

Electrical engineering services

Our firm has provided a wide array of services to support the lighting and power systems for a variety of building design facilities. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Electrical Design plans for City Permit acquisition
  • Electrical construction documents
  • Power distribution design services
  • Lighting design services
  • Emergency lighting design services
  • Photometric Site/Normal/Emergency lighting design services
  • On-site foot candle analysis and documentation
  • Computer aided design and drafting services
  • As-built documentation
  • Dry utility coordination
  • Construction administration
  • California Energy compliance Title 24 documentation services
  • Building information Modeling (BIM)
  • Service Available “Fault” dry utility coordination
  • Peak load demand dry utility coordination

Project design experience

Our firm extensive project expertise includes but not limited to commercial and residential projects:

  • Restaurant / Fast food restaurant
  • Multi-Family residential, Custom home residential, mixed use
  • Health Care / Research facilities
  • Recreational / Fitness Centers
  • Office building / Office TI
  • Retail (Shell and Tenant Improvement)

For a complete list of project experience visit our web site (

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