Richard Aryeh Rifkin

Founder, President



ADUs & JADUs 250 Projects 30 Yrs Experience
Residential Additions 500 Projects 31 Yrs Experience
Residential CUSTOM HOMES 50 Projects 31 Yrs Experience
Real Estate Development (my own projects) 6 Projects 31 Yrs Experience
Real Estate Development (others) 12 Projects 31 Yrs Experience
Land Development 6 Projects 31 Yrs Experience
Flips (my own projects) 90 Projects 31 Yrs Experience


For 31 years, Founder / President of SKSI, Richard Aryeh Rifkin considers himself more of an innovator than a business operator.  SKSI is his latest industry disrupting venture.  His career includes inventions in software, mortgage lending, buiding materials, hospitality, and analytics.  The culmination of his experince is now focused on making SKSI a great company.  Mr. Rifkin leads SKSI's mission to make it easier than ever to get plans and permits and find a competent contractor.  To achieve this goal, SKSI is opening local storefront locations and developed an online platform to manage everything from inspiration through completion.  

Architecture. Mr. Rifkin completed thousands of architectural projects. He started doing architectural plans at 18 years old (1990) when he founded SKSI, and by 26 (1998) he flipped almost 90 projects.  SKSI opened its first retail storefront in 2018 and in 2019 did over 250 residential projects plus nearly $1M in commercial contracts.

Mortgage. Mr. Rifkin founder president of SKSI, first became a licensed mortgage broker in Florida at the age of 18.  By 21 (1993) he originated and closed 996 loans in a single year.  At 22 (1994), Mr. Rifkin founded the official lender of the Alta Vista Search Engine, Northern Light and Alexander Finance. Licensed in 43 states, he had 10 regional offices and about 300 employees doing about 2,250 loans per month ($360 million per month volume). At 28 (2000), Mr. Rifkin became CEO of 1st Nations and grew the company from 4 employees to 126 branches coast-to-coast.  Mr. Rifkin has personally closed over 5,000 mortgages.

Construction. Mr. Rifkin founder president of SKSI,  started managing construction crews for his own investment properties at 18 years old. In his early-mid-20’s he became CFO for Lexington and Westmont Homes in Colorado Springs and built about 1,000 homes in 3 subdivisions by 1998.  Mr. Rifkin developed many properties in Florida, Colorado, Virginia and California. By 32 (2004) his construction company employed a full time construction crew of about 40 people in all divisions of the building envelope doing approximately $3.4M in construction projects annually.

Building Materials. In response to the eco-friendly movement, Mr. Rifkin started a green building material superstore in 2007. He used $1.3M of his own capital and raised $10M in venture capital. He assembled one of the highest profile teams of any startup of the time that consisted of the President of Home Depot, CEO of Sam’s Club, EVP of Best Buy, CEO of Eagle Hardware, COO of Orco Building Supply.  His "green Home Depot" had over 200,000 SKU’s with 510 manufacturers supplying products in 34 categories of the building envelope (comparable to Home Depot / Lowes).  “New Home: Green Depot” was featured on the front page of nearly every newspaper nationwide and won many awards.  Just as the company was launching in 2010, Mr. Rifkin was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer so the whole project was furloughed.

Public Speaking. Mr. Rifkin has been coaching entrepreneurs and CEOs and teaching mortgage lending since his early-20's.  Most notably, in 2006 Mr. Rifkin was invited to speak with Robert Kiyosaki (“Rich Dad/Poor Dad”).  He has spoken to crowds of 1k+ people and coached many companies and enjoys mentoring. Due to his laryngectomy he no longer speaks publicly.

Software. In 1996 Mr. Rifkin developed “The Loan Calculator” which was rated by Yahoo as the #5 JAVA applet on the internet from 1996 to 2002 when he sold the company.

Behavioral Analytics. In 2009, Mr. Rifkin was one of the first to develop and launch desktop and mobile apps intuiting behavior based on browsing history and real time geolocation to predict social and professional connections. The first app he created was “SOLOMON: Search and Connect”. The algorithm I created was able to predict search requests and prepare live connections.

Social Media Predictive Analytics. In 2007, Mr. Rifkin deployed the app “PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS” under the Social Dashboard brand. Using behavioral algorithms of users, this app was able to predict the demographics of Likes, Comments and Shares before user posts.

Technology & Social Media. Mr. Rifkin started SOCIAL DASHBOARD in 2009 as a social media management platform. It put the power of analytics into the hands of everyday users of any social media platform. He managed a full-time team of 33 developers and deployed its first online software in 2014. Within 6 months it exploded to over 164k registered users.

Hospitality. What kind of entrepreneur would he be if he didn’t fail at least one bar-restaurant? In 1998 Mr. Rifkin started opening “Rich’s Patio: International Beer & Pizza” locations in Colorado and Virginia.  He used his own capital and cash flow to grow the brand but lost interest and went back into Real Estate development in 2000.

Non-Profit. Mr. Rifkin converted a high profile retail storefront office into a non-profit Jewish community center called “JACLA - Jewish Activity Center of Los Angeles”.  He hosted over 260 concerts and community events and it became one of the most active Jewish venues in the United States by 2016.

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