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Aryeh Rifkin

Founder, President

Aryeh Rifkin is extraordinarily passionate about Architectural design. Founded in 1990, Aryeh relaunched SKSI PLANS & PERMITS in 2018 as the first National brand in the Architectural and engineering arena. Aryeh leads the company with an approach he learned as CEO of 1st Nations, one of the biggest mortgage companies on the eastern seaboard in the early 2000’s. In 2011 Aryeh lost his larynx to stage 4 cancer causing him to rethink the customer experience without using a voice. Aryeh’s unique life experience helped him innovate SKSI’s methodology. Prior to his experience with 1st Nations, Aryeh was the founder of the official lender of the Alta Vista search engine, Northern Light and Alexander Finance. While Aryeh was relearning to speak, he became an pro in social media and founded SOCIAL DASHBOARD, which peaked at over 146,000 registered users worldwide and a valuation of over $7.5 Million. Aryeh is a dedicated father and enjoys hosting events at his non-profit activities center, JACLA.

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