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Q1: Which platform is best to keep up when it comes to lead generation?

 FACEBOOK – 80% marketshare, exuberant ad platform LINKEDIN – 600M users, 125M daily, Fortune 500 Co’s INSTAGRAM – businesses tell stories, high engagement costs

Where should you go?

 While being everywhere might work out, there’s not enough time in your day to take the full load. Business relies on relationships, especially when dealing with third-parties. So here’s the scoop.

FACEBOOK best for brand awareness & Community engagement INSTAGRAM best for showcasing your work & portfolio LINKEDIN best for building higher corporate level relationships

Want to hear the kicker? All three are great for lead generation, it’s just a matter of who your ideal target audience is. With Facebook you can use targeted niche groups to find business, with Instagram, home owners and designers will find you, and with LinkedIn you can establish trust and authority to attract those high ticket clients you’ve been looking for.

Q2: I have my platforms set-up, how do I
grow my social network?

Around here, we love acronyms, so here is one to help you remember the next four steps. As stated before, a contractor working B2C or B2B lies on relationships, getting to the point where business comes purely from word of mouth and referrals. For this reason, you need to invest your time in genuinely and authentically growing your network smartly.

The CCAN Method

“ I CCAN do this”.

Comment: Comment on your ideal clientele’s posts with utter sincerity, adding value. For best engagement, give your personal opinion, acknowledge whoever wrote the post, and ask a question back again to raise the chances of getting a response.

Warning: Time-consuming and no overnight success. It will take you time to harvest the seeds you plant.

Connect: Speak with a dozen new people per day minimum. While newcomers jump as LIONS, accepting every face they en- counter, real business people surround themselves with valuable connections. Most platforms limit your number of connections, except Instagram, being selective is being effective. Whenever you send connection requests, always write a personal note or direct message. People won’t hesitate to connect and reach back.

Ps. If you really want to take this to the next level, write in your notes a quick thank you message to any new person that follows you and send it to them as soon as you see them follow/add you. You can really go the extra mile by giving them a shout out.

Advertise: The fastest way to reach new people. Every ad network operates differently, but they all allow you to target and reach an audience that is likely to engage your business and talk to people that are outside of your network. Social media is becoming a pay- to-play platform, but it is an absolute must.

Nurture: The art and science of nurturing. An effective nurturing process starts with a nice connection note, followed by a smooth conversation and finally – an offline interaction. Your chances of closing a deal away from social media on the phone or in person are much higher. In the end, people care about what you do, but most importantly, who you are.

Q3: What’s the best approach on social media when it comes to selling?

There are two approaches every other social network:

1. Aggressive: Business in hand from the very first message.
2. Nurturing: Building rapport before talking business.

Working on your personal brand, nurturing leads is overly powerful, whereas aggressive approaching sells the wrong first impression. People open their minds to those who care beyond business–– those who show their personal side, rather than an immediate ask. However, aggressive messaging might close every now and then, our suggestion is you focus on nurturing.

There’s no right or wrong approach, although nurturing is a smoother process. Aside from currencies, value is the pegasus exchange rate in business.

Tip: Approach people with a gift in hand. Anytime you add a new connection, have something to share. It could be a small eBook, resource, or an ice breaker. In the end, people don’t do business with strangers, do they?

Q4: What about outsourcing Social Media?

Outsourcing social activity, especially post planning, writing, and lead gen, is sought after more than you imagine. While sticking to your gut and doing everything on your own might seem sound, outsourcing your weaknesses should be something you’re always thinking of.
From a revamp to your profiles to the daily posts up to your web- site integration, everything could work seamlessly if you know how to connect the dots.

Is it better to DIY or Hire Someone?

Along the years, we’ve identified four different areas entrepreneurs, freelancers, and contractors have struggled the most:

1. Awareness
2. Website Traffic
3. Lead Generation
4.Client Acquisition

It’s impossible to handle all platforms by yourself. In essence, spending all your time on branding and lead gen leaves no space for other enjoyable business activities that are within your “Genius Zone”.

Delegating social media and advertising allows you to expand your business, investing your time on what brings you more money.

At this point, is it really useful to spend time publishing articles on Linkedin, advertising on Facebook, or even filming Insta stories, when there’s no one looking at your profile?

The easiest trail for the busy contractor is outsourcing. Have some spare time? Follow my articles to learn how you can DIY.

Q5: What are some bonus tips you have for us? What must we do?

#1 – Videos, videos, and more videos. Videos are proven to get three times more engagement than text posts.

#2 – Remember this is a human to human interaction. Whichever methods you fire up on social media, never forget you’re dealing with people on the other side of the screen. Whatever you do on these platforms will stay there – forever. Whether you do business or not, always end a conversation in a positive state.

#3 – And before we go, remember there’s ALWAYS someone willing to do business with you. Don’t waste any opportunity to go out there and find your ideal client.

Now I’m your social media sidekick. Wait til you see what I’ll share in next month’s edition of PLANS & PERMITS MAGAZINE.

Melissa Rodríguez
Digital Marketing Director
Social Media Relations


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