Lifetime Achievement Spotlight Barry P. Rifkin by Aryeh Rifkin

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by Aryeh Rifkin

Guilty, he’s my dad. But since I’m also the editor in chief of this magazine, I took the liberty of spotlighting his tremendous career of achievements.

Few words speak as highly of a real estate professional as “experienced” and “successful,” and no one deserves such accolades more than Barry Rifkin, a 45 year veteran real estate broker and licensed mortgage broker.

Growing up in S. Florida, I recall my dad’s Real Estate companies – Flag Realty and Sportsman Realty. Between my mom and dad their listings were about 1/3 the entire MLS of Bro- ward-Dade Counties combined.

My parents decided to move to Melbourne Beach, Florida and build their dream home with a private beach and dock. My dad started a mortgage company from scratch, and that, too became the most recognized in the area.

My dad’s taken some hits but look at him – 83 years old and making 60 cold calls per day. He helps people save their homes. He has always been the guy people go to to get things done whether it be selling a home, getting a mortgage, or saving some- body’s credit and equity, my dad is one of the best.

When my dad isn’t running circles around hot shots 1/3 of his age, he’s golfing 2-3 times per week, or in the gym with free weights or swimming laps.
If you need a Realtor or know somebody in foreclosure that needs a Real Estate expert (Florida only), contact this hand- some man at: or 954-483-4278.

Google “Barry Rifkin RESF” and see his latest video – he’s so cool.


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