ADU Design Ideas GlendaleWith a rapidly expanding market for boutique hotels, more and more developers and existing hotel franchises are making the move to smaller, more artistic stays to meet market demands. Promising futures await on the horizon of this evolving hotel industry- one which is greener, cleaner, more thoughtfully curate and photo inspiring. The widespread demand for these luxury hotel stays was essentially built on the pillars of social media sharing by travel influences and self-made entrepreneurs who became increasingly selective with regards to their accommodation. This sharing culture has created a booming demand for stylish Airbnbs, hotels, and villas around the world. Architects and developers are understanding the value of inspired Boutique Hotels that boast breathtaking design and cutting edge innovative features to entice the senses and draw visitors in from around the world. Everyone from travelers, wedding parties, and families, to couples and business folk are seeking opulent interiors and bespoke architecture to enjoy during their celebrated time away.

All of this new construction requires a lot of work, capital, and… permitting. The latter being perhaps the most cumbersome of the building process. With commercial planning, comes commercial permitting. So what exactly does permitting do? What is required? Here is a breakdown of what a great permitting agency will do when tackling a proposed project:

  • First, the agency will obtain all of the plans and relative surveys required by the architect and the engineer. This will include topographical surveys, location maps, and soil tests.
  • Obtaining and effectively submitting all relevant project-specific docs which typically include the proposed building plans, site mapping, and certificates of urbanism. These documents will be submitted to the authorities.
  • Then, they will set about hiring any necessary external third party engineers, supervisors and inspectors to ensure the build is up to code, safe and well thought out.
  • Obtain necessary clearances, permits, certificates, and licenses
  • Ensure the project will comply with local standards for land use, zoning, and construction.
  • Submit all notifications of project start and end dates (relative completion) of construction and inspections to city officials.
  • Calling for inspections and making sure these inspections are carried out, with the findings recorded and submitted.

When undertaking a commercial project as large as a hotel, it’s paramount to work with an experienced and well-established plans and permits company. A great agency will work quickly and effectively to ensure a smooth building process that is devoid of hiccups and potentially monumental fines and violations. The investment required in building, furnishing, and staffing luxury hotels is no cheap endeavor. And while a lot of contractors and developers tend to cut corners in the permitting process, they are running a high risk of being shut down, having to deconstruct their unapproved structures, or face heavy fines. It’s best to stay on top of this facet of the project and set your vision up for success with SKSI- the best in plans and permits.

Planning on actualizing your architectural dreams and joining the boutique hotel enterprise? Check out SKSI online to find out what locations are offered in your city. Work side by side with the best drafting and permitting company around. SKSI combines it’s retail mall locations with drafting services, licensed Architectural services, engineering, and permit expediting to provide quality, ecologically sound construction permits, planning, and design at a high technical level.

Our knowledgeable staff members are accessible seven days a week by phone, email or live chat, and are ready and excited to serve you. Whether you are a new, existing or previous customer, we encourage you to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives today! Contact Us to start the conversation about your project.


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