Flexible workspaces dominate the market. If you haven’t already noticed, it’s time to jump on board

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This past half-decade, widespread development of flexible coworking spaces have made a big impact on the architectural, design, and building industry. These cutting edge developers, designers, and real estate moguls make a compelling statement that they are thriving, and are here to stay. With the rising demand for these fluid environments, shared workspaces have popped up in just about every major city in the U.S. as well as to many an international shore. This innovative and novel approach to the typical office space has become so popular, that roughly 19,000 coworking spaces were reported as of 2019. Predictions estimate that by 2028, flexible workspaces will account for 10% of all Class-A Buildings. Coworking spaces have successfully revolutionized large commercial real estate, hospitality, and retail industries and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If you haven’t already jumped on this fast train, it’s about time.
What exactly is a co-working space?
Co-working spaces are shared office environments in which business people, entrepreneurs, tech teams, and independent contractors come to work amongst a fluid, stylistic and contemporary working environment. These modern designs offer a specific communal quality and allow independent employees and freelancers to feel part of a larger community of workers. They attract people for their separate-but-together feel. Providing both spatial barriers and vast open workspaces, these buildings appeal to the modern worker for their flexibility and enticing aesthetics. These spaces are typically equipped with attractive interior design, comfortable lounge areas, open and closed offices and state of the art kitchens. The increasingly Avant guard flexible workspaces are known to offer a myriad of extras such as ping pong tables, gaming centers, yoga rooms and luxuries like beer on tap and state-of-the-art espresso machines. People want to feel like they are working in a home away from home, and now they can.
Investing in your designs
Any informed real estate agent, architectural engineer, or commercial contractor can see the value and economic potential of this booming coworking industry. Large contracts and big budgets make this building market a profitable and enticing avenue for anyone in the building business. When working with a client on large scale projects such as flexible workspaces, you’ll want to safeguard you and your client’s investment with a competent plans and permits company. Construction Permits are costly, confusing, and can seem to go on forever. Complex Construction Plans require the best blueprints and engineering as possible. Why not make this integral facet of new building a smooth, stress-free process? Furthermore, constantly evolving California LEED regulations require building compliance and an in-depth understanding of the many rules and requirements to receive a high rating through their points system. The more points a business earns, the higher the rating and credibility they will obtain. That’s why working with experienced, intuitive designers and permitters is the smartest option towards actualizing your design dreams.
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