Why should finding an ARCHITECT be more difficult than a Realtor, loan officer, insurance agent, accountant or attorney?  SKSI intends to make finding an architect as easy as going to your local fashion mall.  SKSI is in partnership with Westfield MallsBrookfield Properties and Starwood Retail as exclusive on-site architects. We are opening high profile architectural design offices in 200 malls across America. We do residential and commercial projects.


SKSI is Unlike Any Other Firm

You’re familiar with working for yourself and working for somebody else.  Here’s something you haven’t heard – a firm that works for you.  At SKSI, you’re the product.  Our architectural services are limited only by the expertise of the architect(s) on the team.  SKSI’s relationship with its architects is similar to a Real Estate company’s relationship with its agents except SKSI pays top salaries.  Oh we also paid hefty commissions and bonuses but this not a commission only position.  You’re an architect, not a marketer or businessman.  We are expert marketers and businessmen.  SKSI will turn you into a legend.  We combine your proven talents and experience with other legendary architects to offer the highest levels of competency, creativity and reliability for residential, commercial and municipal project types.  


Minimum Qualifications

To maintain top tier quality, reliability and consistency, SKSI chooses to employ architects with a proven track record.  

  • Architect License
  • 20 Years of Experience
  • NCARB Membership in good standing
  • No complaints, lawsuits, suspensions or revocation
  • Long term relationships with clients and repeat business
  • Strong relationships with engineers, contractors and other 3rd parties associated with projects
  • Thorough understanding of building codes
  • Highly ethical, trustworthy, consistent and reliable
  • Unwavering quality standards
  • Creative design skills
  • Resourceful to find answers and implement solutions 
  • Proven authority and expertise in at least one architectural category



SKSI’s methodology is designed with the customer experience in mind.  From the first time a customer learns about SKSI until the permit is issued, SKSI delivers a very specific message that customers receive great value for a reasonable price. 

You, the architect, are the customer’s contact.  SKSI supports you with a project manager, expert drafters and competent permit expediters.  SKSI offers you the flexibility to use existing relationships with engineers, drafters and expediters or you can use ours.  We support you because you are the expert. 


Top 20 Reasons for Great Architects to join SKSI

1. We Provide the Customers & You get the Recognition

SKSI is an excellent marketing machine.  We’ll keep you quite busy because that’s what we do.  Every project you complete is an opportunity for SKSI to increase your market recognition.    

2. You are Important

You owe it to yourself and your family to have a career worth having, a business worth pursuing and life worth living.

3. Sharing Profits

In addition to competitive salary, you’ll may receive a percentage of profits.  Build your reputation and see your income grow throughout your successful career at SKSI.  

4. We Build Your Architecture Business

You are in control of your career. Traditionally, architects either work for a company or for themselves.  The typical cycle is to work for a company until you pick up a big enough job, then when the job(s) completes you either find new work or work for another architect.  At SKSI, you can break out of the cycle!  The #1 thing we want to do is help you build your business.  We’re here to empower you with the right tools to build the business you want and deserve.

5. Competitive Edge

SKSI protects our architects from competing with drafters.  The line between draftsman and Architects has become blurry to many residential owners seeking additions, ADUs and remodel especially with Type 5 construction.    

6. Methodology & Technology

We developed proprietary methodology and use a custom CRM / PM technology platform.  With SKSI, you give clients and others involved (contractors, Realtors, etc) the best experience possible.  

7. Personal Growth

You’ll learn, grow and develop new skills in a fast paced goal oriented environment.  Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out yourself because SKSI has done all the hard work for you. 

8. Market Fluctuations

When the market slows, you’ll survive.  It would be incredibly naive to think the market isn’t going to slow down or even crash some day.  When it happens, you could be part of the few architects still busy.

9. Limitless Income

SKSI allows you to make more money than with any other company or even on your own.  There is NO cap on what you can earn at SKSI.  

10. Work Space & Work Place

SKSI’s work environment leads the industry with high tech, ultra clean and modern offices inside leading fashion malls.  Your SKSI office is pleasant, entertaining, healthy and productive.  

11. Multi-Market Opportunities

Expand your experience and expertise in various markets.  At SKSI, you don’t have to specialize in one type of market.  In fact, you may find yourself with a pipeline ranging from residential to commercial to hospitality to entitlements for developers.

12. Inner-Office Opportunities

There are so many ways you could be referred business within your office and other SKSI offices.  Every potential client is right for some architect within the SKSI network.  

13. Client Interaction

You’ll be dealing directly with clients.  Like a Real Estate agent, you write the Contract.  You are in charge of how much you make, and how much your office profits.

14. Manage a Team

You’re ultimately in charge of the design and direction of each project, but to empower you with the highest productivity, you’ll be working parallel with a project coordinator and your own permit expediter(s), CAD drafters and designers.  

15. Job Security

Break free from the cycle of architectural employment -> self-employment.  SKSI provides the best of both worlds.  While other architects fight for a competitive edge while maintaining their current work flow, you’ll be focused on production with the comfort of SKSI’s supporting umbrella.

16.  Relocation

Relocation is not a problem at SKSI.  We’re building offices in fashion malls across the US.  Whether you’re moving 10 or 1,000 miles, SKSI will see to it that you get a familiar office and proper introduction to the new market – or should we say introduce the market to you!

17. Project Diversity

“Plans” is a broad term and SKSI lives up to the category.  When a potential client says, “do you handle [any project type]?” you can respond “YES!”  Even if you’re not the architect of record, SKSI likely has other architects at other locations expert in that project type.  As the referring architect, you get a percentage of the Contract.

18. Large & Small Projects

Everybody wants a trophy project, but they come around far less frequently than smaller projects.  At SKSI, you’ll have the change to work on both.  Our proprietary methodology means small projects will never keep you from reeling in the big fish.

19. Your Offices are Everywhere

If you meet a customer in a different city or state, you might be able to say, “I have an office there.”  That means more clients and more opportunities to build your reputation across a larger geographic area.

20. Collaboration and Resources

SKSI has a family culture.  You’re both independent and part of a family of other architects with common goals.  The collective resources within SKSI are always growing.  Some projects require multiple architects, and SKSI gives you a tremendous advantage of picking team members from within the Company.  

Email Cover Letter and Resume to:  info@sksi.com

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