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Welcome to SKSI’s Directory.  Find and connect with the professional you need.  Create your profile.  It’s free and SKSI does not ask for any referral fee of any sort.  To create your profile, click here.

SKSI Staff Directory

Connect with SKSI staff members to assist with a new project or follow up on an existing one.

Contractor Directory

Need a quote?  Get bids on your project or projects.  Choose from contractors who have previously done business with SKSI.  

Lender Directory

Looking to finance your construction project?  Construction loans, cash-out refinances, HELOCs, and purchase money 1st mortgages.  Finance businesses and investment opportunities.

Other Directory

Connect with other 3rd parties such as advisers, attorneys, accountants, investors, marketing professionals and other wholesalers.  

Note:  SKSI does not endorse 3rd parties.  Directory is free and meant as a resource to connect with professionals.  SKSI does not warrant or make any representations as to the qualifications or licensing of non-SKSI profiles.  SKSI encourages you to conduct your own independent research.  

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