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ARYEH RIFKIN, Founder, rea@sksi.com

Aryeh Rifkin is 4th generation in the industry with 29 years of experience.  He flipped over 90 projects, closed over 5,000 mortgage loans, managed construction crews of 40+ in all divisions and developed subdivisions.  Aryeh was the Founder of the Official Lender of the Alta Vista Search Engine, Northern Light and Alexander Finance, The Loan Calculator, and Interim CEO of 1st Nations.  In the area of building materials, Aryeh founded a green building materials superstore attracting C-level participation from Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Orco Building Supply, Best Buy and Eagle Hardware.  In technology, Aryeh founded Social Dashboard and developed many apps geared towards social media management.   Aryeh overcame epic life challenges such as raising his son and rebuilding himself after stage 4 cancer.