14 Aug 2019

Nation’s First Chain in Architectural Design and Building...

SKSI Plans and Permits, Nation’s First Chain in Architectural Design and Building Permit Category, Just Launched SKSI Plans & Permits...

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

15 Feb 2018

Speaker with Robert Kiyosaki @ Rich Dad /...

I have spoken to crowds up to 1,000 people as a guest speaker and specialist in Real Estate investing and...

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Family Business

23 Nov 2016

4 Generations of Building Bridges

Circa 1900, my mother’s family. Grandma Gokey’s father owned Syracuse Steel and Engineering. Here’s a great photo of my great...

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23 Nov 2016

Bellaire Estates Developer: Aryeh Rifkin

While living in Tiburon in 2004, I noticed the genetic potential of the prestigious Bellaire subdivision.  I felt the superior...

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