Family Business

19 Jan 2020

Setting Yourself Up For the Best ROI

When setting out to undertake any sizable home improvement, be it an ADU, remodel, facelift, or starting from scratch, why...

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14 Aug 2019

Nation’s First Chain in Architectural Design and Building...

SKSI Plans and Permits, Nation’s First Chain in Architectural Design and Building Permit Category, Just Launched SKSI Plans & Permits...

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

15 Feb 2018

Speaker with Robert Kiyosaki @ Rich Dad /...

I have spoken to crowds up to 1,000 people as a guest speaker and specialist in Real Estate investing and...

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Family Business

23 Nov 2016

4 Generations of Building Bridges

Circa 1900, my mother’s family. Grandma Gokey’s father owned Syracuse Steel and Engineering. Here’s a great photo of my great...

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