How can you make your small house feel larger with these few tips?

Easy peasy steps-From ventilation to visual tips & tricks—can assist you maximize small house plans. Also, SKSI plans and permits can help you with House Planner, Home Contractors, Contractors, Home Renovations, Constructive service
With the dwindling wealth and a rising interest in sustainable construction, a lot of users and pros are choosing for smaller footsteps that create extra well-organized and competent use of space without forfeiting way of living, style or comfort.
SKSI plans and permit, a US and California based architect of custom modular houses, provides a wide and extensive variety of dimensions, House Planner, Home Contractors, Contractors, Home Renovations, Constructive service
and styles. Richard Rifkin, CEO of SKSI plans and permits for the business, provides up these drifts, trends, tips, and tricks for maximizing space and varying the delusion of dimension without giving up facilities, style or luxury.

  1. Unite spaces, but classify them. The drift toward immense rooms linking the kitchen to the dining room and/or living room has stay put for a while. To persist that huge, open sense although yet classify & define every space, include delicate, fine, and subtle room division through columns, by altering the bottom altitude through a hollow sitting spot, or by easily altering the flooring. SKSI plans and permits are integrating “visually associated room walls,” an extra fashionable twirl on the old-fashioned half wall. These comprise of bilateral firesides among the living room and the kitchen or en suite book covers through transparent glass backs.
  2. Discover a blissful medium for ceiling altitudes. A craving for power competence has in progress to trump users’ required for towering ceilings. To preserve and sustain the majestic outcome of an elevated ceiling, integrate soffits or spruce to generate shaded lines; carved ceilings generate interest and illustrate the eye aloft, Richard says.
  3. Bond with the out-of-doors. Carefully planned out-of-doors spaces are ever more expanding inhabitable space exterior the house’s footpace. Bond them to the indoors through bigger or numerous terrace doors.
  4. Get planned. Litter can create smaller spaces feel restricted, confined and uncomfortable. Utilize the “ship-building” hypothesis of “a place for the whole thing” by considering out where daily products, like washing machine or vacuum cleaners, will go. Advance closets through fitted organization structures rather than only just rods. “Systematize their lives also their setups,”
  5. Let in the glow. Day lighting goes further than setting up additional and extra traditional windows through distinctive sights. Somewhat as easy as setting up a band of windows over or under kitchen filing cabinets can assist lighten up the space and craft it feel larger. In restrooms, elevated, slender windows let in light whilst sustaining privacy; transoms on inner bedroom fences are an additional choice.
  6. Keep the air ventilation moving. Sluggish air can create a house feel taut. Draw for air ventilation, counting clerestory windows and internal transoms.
  7. Future resistant vacant space. Outfit incomplete attics and basements through cabling and examining in expectation of future resistant vacant space remodeling.
  8. Depart the master suite unaccompanied. Though square copy of master bedrooms might be downward somewhat, the wish for a flee is keeping the comfortable, comfy master suite on the top of proprietors’ lists. The master bath, such as the kitchen, is yet an area purchasers are eager to pay extra for. They as well yet wish a separate bath tub, although are additional probable to outfit the shower through jets and opt a soaked tub instead, “spending extra in the things they are going to utilize on an everyday basis.”
  9. Level it down.

    Furniture for the small houses is entirely regarding quantity. Simply place, if a section clashes up alongside the limitations of the room, moreover upward and downward or sideways, it’s excessively huge. To generate a feel of comfiness, always leave a small air in among the sides of your furniture and the fences. (The one exemption is a bed; a king placed among 2 fences, for example, generates a comfortable resting cave.) You can also contact SKSI plans and permits for House Planner, Home Contractors, Contractors, Home Renovations, Constructive service.
    As well avoid weighty, big pieces that consume a lot of the working space in the room. For instance, a smooth couch or chair will provide you as much sitting room as its packed cousin although will obtain up much fewer of your room. If you extended for a huge, statement portion (a part of painting or mirror), hang it on the fence. Don’t eat precious living room space by placing it on the flooring.
  10. Maintain a small outline.

    Furniture that is lesser to the floor will generate a sense of more space in a room easily by the fact that they leave extra space on top of them. In the bedroom, decide a lob bed or yet try putting a mattress straight on the floor. In the living room, clinch your internal Crazy Men method through low-to-the-floor midcentury portions. Or, if your flavors run extra toward the dreamy and elaborate 19th-century furnishings as well has a small outline.
  11. Demonstrate a modest leg with supple furnishings.

    Yet again, generating the delusion of additional space is entirely regarding generating a sense of open space and faction. A furnishing that is sleek permits beam and air to run not only just over although as well under and about it, so that it seems to drift in space. Yet again, consider midcentury up to date pieces, which are equally low and gangling. Or think about the ideal piece of high furnishings: the butterfly chair, maybe?
  12. Mirror on the wall

    Every argument of minute spaces requires comprising the plan of utilizing mirrors to generate a greater feel of open space. Not just do they imitate brightness, they as well imitate the vision, thereby tricking the eyeball into identifying extra space.
  13. Utilize blustery fabrics

    If feasible, avoid profound supplies and fabrics that soak up light and ponder your room downward. The fabric linen is an ideal instance of a frivolous fabric that will boost the feel of openness in the room.
  14. Keep it plain

    Small spaces are entirely regarding suppression. The extra pieces, belongings, and paradigms you have in a room, the extra messy it will look. Avoid bric-a-brac or at slightest group them so they understand as a fitting. Ditto through painting focus your frames on single or double fences. Avoid hard paradigms and overpowering colors. Try to paint a single wall or a door and glue to a one shade. Now is not the instance to clinch the complete range.
    SKSI plans and permits keeps it plain yet chic as they have experts in House Planner, Home Contractors, Contractors, Home Renovations, Constructive service which make your plan a dream come true.
  15. Highlight the vertical

    Even if it’s a high bookshelf, several vertical shiplaps, or the bare hanging light bulb, working single component that highlights the vertical space in the room would definitely boost the feel of space. It as well develops the sense of air and flow in the room.
  16. Clear a path

    Whenever you deal with a small room, one obviously desires to maximize the space by placing entire of the art pieces to the corners. Although if this grounds you to hit into the things, it can boost a claustrophobic feel. Occasionally it is better to set the furniture on single side of the room, so individuals can bypass through unimpeded.
    Wrapping up:
    You need to be firm with yourself (in fact, this idea relates to the entire spaces) and deliberate regarding each and everything that inside into the room. If you go for the wallpaper drawl fence, then keep the respite of the room plain. If you require that massive oil picture in your living room, try containing it be the just only art in the living room. If your house is small and you need a space to make it look larger contact SKSI plans and permits as they provide House Planner, Home Contractors, Contractors, Home Renovations, Constructive service, everything you need.

Setting Yourself Up For the Best ROI

When setting out to undertake any sizable home improvement, be it an ADU, remodel, facelift, or starting from scratch, why is choosing the experts in plans and permits so crucial? Tackling a home project, however large or small, requires extensive knowledge of all the required steps and processes needed from start to finish. From visualizing and designing drafts to the strenuous permitting process, during building and after finishing the project, you’ll need help from the absolute best. With so much opportunity for things to go wrong, you’ll want to ensure that you and your home are in good hands. Taking into consideration all of the necessary steps involved in home improvements, here is a list of the top essentials you’ll get from an expert company. These tips will make your renovation a breeze.

  • Visualizing and Designing

When hiring a drafting design and service company, you want to find one that is affordable, prompt and professional. They should be able to listen intently to your specific needs and requirements, vision, goals and craft a draft that caters to those specifics intentionally. The drafting service you choose will undoubtedly have the largest impact on the success or failure of your new project. It is so crucial to find competent designers with years of experience and expertise with construction permits, as it is a very specialized and technical skill. At SKSI, we provide some of the top engineers and architectural designers ready to draft and dream up your construction plans with you. Because any home improvement starts with a design and a well-thought-out draft, it’s more important to work with the right drafting and permitting company before anything else. All of the ensuing details and construction teams will follow after you get your vision successfully put to paper. The main difference between architect and draftsman is that an architect can do almost all types of tasks involved in building, whereas drafters are specialists who focus their attention on creating beautiful designs and clear, concise drafts for the builders to follow. Creating the framework is no easy feat, which is why we at SKSI pride ourselves in our ability to imagine up the idyllic home whether it’s new home construction planning, a necessary ADU, or a home remodel.

  • Cost Management

One of the largest factors going into any home improvement project is facing the undeniable cost that stretches from start to finish. It is paramount that you successfully manage and prepare for the burdensome cost that this upgrade will have on your finances. When working with a drafting company, you want to make certain that your chosen company has your best interests in mind when drafting your designs. That is to say- attention to cost, the fine details, preparing for the unexpected, materials, workers, and timeline. The biggest problem that most homeowners run into during a big project is that they haven’t budgeted enough or thought about variables that could arise, adding to the overall cost and extension of the build. The last thing you want is getting three-quarters of the way through your build, and running out of money. Hiring the right drafting service team will ensure that you can enter into your proposed project fully aware and ready to pay the price.
Something SKSI values is addressing and balancing the retail value with the cost to build. For example, in building an ADU to rent out, you want to make sure that you’ll be able to make back the cost of your new unit reasonably quickly by monetizing it. You should be garnering a positive ROI within a relatively small timeline if you’re wise about it.

  • Permitting

There is a myriad of different and very critical reasons for hiring a great permitting company. Permits are a massive headache, require a mountain of paperwork, fact-checking, needless rules and regulations, and hoops to jump through. If you aren’t in good hands with your permitting agents, you could cost yourself tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes, court hearings, and ensuing issues if even the slightest law or regulation was overlooked.
Here are a few reasons why choosing an accomplished permitting company is everything:

  • to have an agent double-check basic safety. An inspector is not going to look at every aspect of the work, but they can oftentimes spot serious and potentially monumental issues that could pose a problem if left unaddressed.
  • To prevent the occurrence of serious consequences for violating zoning/ other types of code compliance. Needless to say, investing time, effort, and money into your home improvement is already difficult enough. But putting a new structure in place only to find out that you’ll have to tear it down—or spend thousands of dollars in court defending your right to keep it standing could be a huge nightmare.
  • to ensure that any alterations that could affect the official tax descriptions of the property are on the record and approved. By choosing the pros and being prepared in advance, your new renovations won’t end up causing issues when the house or building is being sold in the future.


  • Title 24 and Green Building

Choosing designers and architectural engineers with a passion for innovation and an understanding of green building is not only a wise decision, but it’s also the only viable option moving into the new decade. With Califonia’s Title 24 zoning requirements, it is exceedingly crucial to work with permitters that know what they are doing, and can successfully comply with Califonia’s green standard. The California Energy Code is the sixth section of the California Building Standards Code and was created by the California Building Standards Commission in 1978 in response to a legislative mandate to reduce California’s energy consumption. These requirements have vastly improved the quality of our air, reduced pollution and conserved an enormous amount of energy. At SKSI, we use custom-developed software that streamlines design and the overall permitting process.
For more information on our services, feel free to visit us online. SKSI staff members are easily accessible seven days a week ready and excited to serve you. Whether you are a new, existing or previous customer, we encourage you to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives today! Contact Us to start the conversation about your project.

Nation’s First Chain in Architectural Design and Building Permit Category

SKSI Plans and Permits, Nation’s First Chain in Architectural Design and Building Permit Category, Just Launched

SKSI Plans & Permits Innovative Retail Concept To Open 9 New Stores in Prominent Fashion Mall Locations in 2019, Saving Time and Money for Professionals and Homeowners

SKSI Plans and Permits (SKSI), the first national brand offering construction plans, engineering and building permit expediting services, has announced the opening of nine new stores inside leading fashion malls across the Southwest region of the US. The announcement was made by Aryeh Rifkin, founder of SKSI.

According Rifkin, SKSI will replicate their Glendale Galleria location which is known for delivering a “wow” experience at the mall’s main entrance. “SKSI aspires to be for Building Departments what AAA was to the Department of Motor Vehicles by eliminating the need for owners and contractors to deal with the City until construction begins,” said Rifkin.

SKSI’s store openings for 2019 will include the Otay Ranch Town Center in Chula Vista, The Shoppes at Carlsbad in Carlsbad and the Galleria at Tyler in Riverside in October, the Valley Plaza Mall in Bakersfield and Visalia Mall in Visalia in November, and the Southland Mall in Hayward, Stonestown Mall in San Francisco, Northridge Mall in Northridge and Meadows Mall in Las Vegas in December.

As the first of its kind, SKSI stores are extraordinarily accessible to owners, contractors, Realtors, investors, leasing companies, property managers, businesses, retail store owners, commercial landlords, and homeowners. SKSI is open 8:00 am – 9:00 pm 7 days a week and during mall hours. Clients can walk in without an appointment, share their ideas with professional engineers and architects, and leave with plans in process towards receiving a building permit. “It’s never been easier,” said Rifkin.

According to Rifkin, the unique SKSI business model keeps prices low and quality high while attracting and employing top drafters. SKSI also offers the industry a huge leap forward with its proprietary software and methodology. Each store features a welcoming, open floor plan that embodies SKSI’s commitment to saving clients’ time and money, and providing expert resources for construction plans and permits.

SKSI’s Founder, Aryeh Rifkin leads SKSI with a whisper after surviving stage 4 cancer of the larynx in 2011, which left him verbally handicapped. “Achievement requires clarity, not volume. The path of the future is paved with innovation of the mind, not words. SKSI’s proprietary methodology streamlines the ways of the past. My stores inspire a sense of wonder and make dreams a reality for customers and employees,” said Rifkin. “Our top priority as a company is being consistent and dependable.”

“SKSI provides commercial plan and tenant improvement drafting and engineering services to the malls and tenants, which they find really convenient to have on site. Residential customers can stop by to get full plans for additions, remodels, new custom construction and accessory dwelling units,” said Rifkin.


Speaker with Robert Kiyosaki @ Rich Dad / Poor Dad

I have spoken to crowds up to 1,000 people as a guest speaker and specialist in Real Estate investing and financing.  In this photo, I am (holding the microphone) on stage with Robert Kiyosaki, world renown author of Rich Dad / Poor Dad.  This particular event was broadcast by San Francisco’s KCBS and I was speaking about my audio, video, reading materials and seminars on financing.
My experience in financing dates back to the beginning of my career, which started at 18 years old.  After obtaining my Florida mortgage broker’s license, I became one of the top 200 highest producing loan officers in the United States (Originator Magazine), closing as many as 996 loans in a single year.  By the time I was 26 my company was the Official Lender of the Alta Vista Search Engine and Alexander Finance, which accepted as many as 2,250 loan applications per month with a volume over $360 Million per month.

4 Generations of Building Bridges

Circa 1900, my mother’s family. Grandma Gokey’s father owned Syracuse Steel and Engineering. Here’s a great photo of my great grandfather with his construction crew. He engineered, manufactured and built the steel bridges across the Erie Canal in New York.
Hard to imagine the magnitude of this operation. Manufacturing steel, securing government contracts, engineering these structures, creating temporary dams for each of the 18 bridges, building the structures, managing the business and being on site with workers. This work was done without phones, computers, faxes, overnight mail service, fast food, cars, etc. This was before there were trucks and highways. He literally built the infrastructure that fostered the growth of towns and cities.
I recall my grandmother talking about her father as if he was a normal guy. She was a pilot in the 1950’s, and a partner in my grandfather’s business called “CITY GAS” – the company that brought natural gas to Florida in the mid-1900’s. My mother was a champion in everything she accomplished – Real Estate, mortgages, development, catering, home and commercial design, and an unbelievable cook. The thing I remember about her most is she never compromised her values. She had more integrity than anybody I know.


Bellaire Estates Developer: Aryeh Rifkin

While living in Tiburon in 2004, I noticed the genetic potential of the prestigious Bellaire subdivision.  I felt the superior location and large buildable lots deserved a complete redesign, and with 181 total properties I saw tremendous potential.  After arranging the financing, I quickly purchased and started construction on the first 5 properties. Acquisition costs ranged from $750,000 to $1,050,000.  Improvement costs ranged from $400,000 to $600,000 and the final values ranged from $1.5 Million to $1.8 Million.  The homes were a huge hit, and our first open house received an unprecedented 450 visitors.
I handled every aspect of this project from vision, acquisition, permits, construction management, finishes, staging, and marketing.  I personally designed, submitted and obtained approval for each design review and building permit.  Known to be one of the strictest building departments, my construction drawings usually passed first review.
The project came to an abrupt halt when the Real Estate crash of 2008 caused property values to drastically decline and there was no financing available to potential buyers.