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The word is getting out.  SKSI innovated an entirely new kind of Architectural firm.  Better in every way, SKSI makes it easier than ever to get plans and permits.  SKSI is the first national brand for plans and permits.  Conveniently located in fashion malls, SKSI provides an amazing client experience.  SKSI’s expertise covers the full spectrum of projects due to the Company’s network of staff across its locations.  

Founded in 1990, SKSI Plans & Permits provides expert, fast, affordable and extremely accessible construction plans, engineering, Title 24 and permit expediting services for residential & commercial projects nationwide. 

SKSI helps builders, contractors, developers and property owners and managers save money and time without sacrificing quality by expediting planning and permitting for construction and property development. SKSI’s proprietary processes include the use of custom-developed software that streamlines the design and permit processes. 

ARYEH RIFKIN, Founder, rea@sksi.com

Aryeh Rifkin is extraordinarily passionate about Architectural design.  Founded in 1990, Aryeh relaunched SKSI PLANS & PERMITS in 2018 as the first National brand in the Architectural and engineering arena.  Aryeh leads the company with an approach he learned as CEO of 1st Nations, one of the biggest mortgage companies on the eastern seaboard in the early 2000’s. In 2011 Aryeh lost his larynx to stage 4 cancer causing him to rethink the customer experience without using a voice.  Aryeh’s unique life experience helped him innovate SKSI’s methodology.  Prior to his experience with 1st Nations, Aryeh was the founder of the official lender of the Alta Vista search engine, Northern Light and Alexander Finance. While Aryeh was relearning to speak, he became an pro in social media and founded SOCIAL DASHBOARD, which peaked at over 146,000 registered users worldwide and a valuation of over $7.5 Million.  Aryeh is a dedicated father and enjoys hosting events at his non-profit activities center, JACLA.

DAVID M. PURETZ, Licensed Architect, VP Business Developmentdavidp@sksi.com

David Puretz is a legendary Architect among the most discerning clients worldwide.  David completed over 600 projects spanning his 40 years of experience.  A graduate of UC Berkeley School of Architecture, he has been involved in the planning, design and construction of virtually every type of retail environment from kiosks to big-box stores, from price point and outlet venues to high-end specialty stores.  Prior work experience includes Bullock’s Store Planning, Cole Martinez Curtis, FRCH Worldwide, Fitzpatrick Design Group, GFBA Architects, and his own consultancy and practice as DMP Architects in Sherman Oaks, California.  David’s core clientele includes Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Starbucks, Ulta, Westfield, and many other household name brands where he is Architect of Record.  David enjoys songwriting, musical theater and beach volleyball when he is not working.

ILIANA HERNANDEZ, Controller, ops@ski.com

Iliana is an operations veteran who brings more than 35 years of experience running companies including her own.  She is an expert at managing rapid growth and expansion and has exceptional skills in strategic planning, forecasting and implementation of programs, procedures and budgets, developing and setting policy and procedures, financial assessment and mitigation, as well as analyzing and reporting.  Iliana has implemented compliance and auditing procedures with Stockshield, ULG (as worldwide compliance manager), Birdi & Associates, WAPA, RKD, Metro – DEOD, STC, Bank of America and Union Bank.   

DARREN SUMNER, Sr. Business Development, studio.sumner@gmail.com

Darren Sumner comes to SKSI with more than 25 years of global experience in hospitality, resort, residential, healthcare, venture vapital and entertainment.  Darren brings a tremendous network and exposure to a variety of clients.  At SKSI, Darren is focused on strategic investments and business development. Darren’s projects span 12 countries.  He designed LEED Gold Office buildings, master-planned cities, subdivisions, hospital projects. Darren has been a key speaker before the Bar Association and was a board member  at the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

ELIYAHU “ELI” BAITY, Project Coordinator, eli@sksi.com

Eli Baity is an alumni of Pepperdine University and a native to Los Angeles. After 4 years at Wells Fargo and City Bank Eli spent 10 years in the private accounting/business management sector. Eli has worked with various clients including retail, non-profits, manufacturing, telecommunications, hospitality and currently SKSI. Eli manages accounting for SKSI and assists with project management and customer satisfaction.

LIAD SCHWARTZ, Senior Drafter, liad@sksi.com

Liad Schwartz is a licensed Architect born in Los Angeles and raised in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Liad has worked on a number of projects and is a leading Architectural designer with SKSI.  Liad’s focus in on high end residential and commercial projects.  Liad designed the first ever Terminal and Shopping Center in Mexico working directly for “Puerto Magico”.   Liad is a highly committed professional committed to efficiency and details as a valuable member of SKSI.

HECTOR MARTINEZ, Senior Drafter, hmartinez@sksi.com

Hector brings more than 30 years’ of experience experience in Architectural design and production of construction documentation for High-­‐end Residential, Commercial T.I. and Educational projects.  Hector is highly skilled in multiple Architectural techniques, and is an expert in every stage from schematic design to development of construction documents. 

NAHAL GARAKANI, Social Media Management

A journalist turned-marketer, Nahal is passionate about storytelling & creating business-changing content. Obsessed with innovating new ways of creating enticing content through social & digital media, Nahal is responsible for implementing inbound marketing strategies that help increase brand awareness, generate leads & acquire new customers. Nahal holds a BA in communications from California State University, Northridge

PETER BYLSMA, Public Relations & Assistant Editor, media@sksi.com

Peter Bylsma joins SKSI with over 30 years of expertise of marketing communications, media relations, public and community relations, writing, events and brand-building experience.  Peter was Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Lincoln Clubs and Executive Director of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse for which he directed communications and events and served as spokesperson, lobbyist, publicist and producer/host of “The Broken Gavel” weekly radio program.  Peter worked on Project Hero, and has worked with Fleishman-HIllard, Rogers & Associates, Golin Harris, MCA/Universal, Anheuser-Busch, IMAX, World Cup USA, Long Beach Aquarium, Kaufman & Broad, Crate& Barrel, El Pollo Loco, Airborne Express, Nestle, Nabisco, Warner Bros., GNC Stores and numerous others.  He began his career with Walt Disney Productions and was a line producer for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 1984 Olympic Games.  A native of Los Angeles, he is a musician, an avid cyclist, soccer player and a graduate of the University of Southern California.


Tim O’Keefe is a digital marketing original, harkening back to the 1990’s. Before there was even a Google. He has built for his own company and others some of the largest websites in their respective niches. Digital marketing keeps changing and O’Keefe has been on the forefront. He is actively followed on social platforms and has a popular podcast. Tim has helped raise 3 children and has been married 21 years. During the last 16 years he has given back to his community as a volunteer youth and high school football coach. And why many of his clients love to call him “Coach Tim”.



CREATIVITY & PURPOSE  My introduction to creative visualization was probably around the age of 12 as a competitive water skier.  In present day, I experience the finished project before I start drawing it.  My goal is to reverse engineer the final vision balancing resale value with costs to build.  Once I have a clear image in my head of the project’s greatest genetic potential, my purpose becomes making it happen.


INTUITING EQUITY  I think like an investor because I have been around investors all my life.  I grew up in my father and mother’s very successful Real Estate and mortgage offices, which they built from scratch. I bought, designed, and remodeled my first investment property in 1990 at the age of 18.  In other words, I’m a multi-generation Real Estate professional with 29 years of personal experience.


INSIGHTFUL PLANNING  It’s not just whether something can get done, I share my opinion whether it should be done.  I take projects I believe in.  There are a million and one ways a homeowner could lose money from a construction project that started out looking simple.  Experience comes with mistakes which teach a great amount of insight.


EXPERIENCE IN THE HOT SEAT  One critical point every homeowners needs to understand is the tremendous value in working with somebody who has been in their shoes trusting their most valuable asset to a professional.  Too often, homeowners don’t see the difference between a skilled drafter with the lowest price and until it’s too late.


Bellaire Estates Developer: Aryeh Rifkin

Bellaire Estates Developer: Aryeh Rifkin

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4 Generations of Building Bridges

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Speaker with Robert Kiyosaki @ Rich Dad / Poor Dad

Speaker with Robert Kiyosaki @ Rich Dad / Poor Dad

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