The word is getting out. SKSI is the first national brand for plans and permits. SKSI makes it easier than ever to get plans and permits. The Company combines its retail mall locations with drafting services, licensed Architectural services, engineering, permit expediting, hosts industry events and publishes its own monthly magazine. Conveniently located in fashion malls, SKSI provides an amazing client experience. SKSI’s expertise covers the full spectrum of projects due to the Company’s network of staff across its locations.

Founded in 1990, SKSI Plans & Permits provides expert, fast, affordable and extremely accessible construction plans, engineering, Title 24 and permit expediting services for residential & commercial projects nationwide.

SKSI helps builders, contractors, developers and property owners and managers save money and time without sacrificing quality by expediting planning and permitting for construction and property development. SKSI’s proprietary processes include the use of custom-developed software that streamlines the design and permit processes.



My introduction to creative visualization was probably around the age of 12 as a competitive water skier. In present day, I experience the finished project before I start drawing it. My goal is to reverse engineer the final vision balancing resale value with costs to build. Once I have a clear image in my head of the project’s greatest genetic potential, my purpose becomes making it happen.


I think like an investor because I have been around investors all my life. I grew up in my father and mother’s very successful Real Estate and mortgage offices, which they built from scratch. I bought, designed, and remodeled my first investment property in 1990 at the age of 18. In other words, I’m a multi-generation Real Estate professional with 29 years of personal experience.


It’s not just whether something can get done, I share my opinion whether it should be done. I take projects I believe in. There are a million and one ways a homeowner could lose money from a construction project that started out looking simple. Experience comes with mistakes which teach a great amount of insight.


One critical point every homeowners needs to understand is the tremendous value in working with somebody who has been in their shoes trusting their most valuable asset to a professional. Too often, homeowners don’t see the difference between a skilled drafter with the lowest price and until it’s too late.

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