SKSI plans & permits is the first national brand for plans and permits. SKSI stands for SANDY KEY STRUCTURES INC, which is named after Founder Richard Rifkin’s late mother, Sandra Mae Gokey AKA Sandy Key [1944 - 1994]. Sandy Key was a powerhouse in the Real Estate industry. She built one of the largest mortgage companies in the largest county in Florida, an international commercial Real Estate firm, real estate business planner and developed Real Estate in USA and internationally.


SKSI plan and permits handles your project from concept through permit approval. With SKSI plans and permits you never ever have to step foot into the building department. We currently have 5 offices and are expanding throughout the US with high profile locations. During Covid many of our staff is working from home but has the ability to video chat with every staff member. SKSI plans and permit has perfected the process from design through permit approval. Our system provides greater consistency and overall competency. SKSI plans and permits matches project scope with team members with the greatest experience and manage the process expertly. SKSI plans and permits hires the most competent drafters, designers, architects, engineers and permits expediters to ensure the success of your project.

For 30 years, Richard Rifkin has been designing, financing and developing Real Estate. He founded SKSI plans and permits in 1990 as a boutique design firm for his and his family’s investment properties. In 2018, SKSI plans and permits became the first national architectural, engineering and permit expediting firm. Though SKSI Plans & Permits, Mr. Rifkin made it his mission to solve the inconsistencies in the architectural industry.

SKSI plans and permits is the exclusive on-site architectural firm for Brookfield and Westfield mall locations. Our customers include Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Rite Aid, Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, Chili’s, numerous fitness centers, banks, medical facilities, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels / motels, and beyond. Our residential division is known for turning out some of the cleanest plans in the industry, which help our projects glide through the permit process.


For 31 years, Founder / President of SKSI, Richard Aryeh Rifkin considers himself more of an innovator than a business operator.  SKSI is his latest industry disrupting venture.  His career includes inventions in software, mortgage lending, buiding materials, hospitality, and analytics.  The culmination of his experince is now focused on making SKSI a great company.  Mr. Rifkin leads SKSI's mission to make it easier than ever to get plans and permits and find a competent contractor.  To achieve this goal, SKSI is opening local storefront locations and developed an online platform to manage everything from inspiration through completion. " Read Richard Aryeh Rifkin's full profile: Aryeh Rifkin

Creativity & purpose, intuiting equity – founder’s perspective!

Bellaire Estates Developer: Aryeh Rifkin

While living in Tiburon in 2004, I noticed the genetic potential of the prestigious Bellaire subdivision. I felt the superior location and large buildable lots deserved a complete redesign, and with 181 total properties I saw tremendous potential. After arranging the financing, I quickly purchased and started construction on the first 5 properties. Acquisition costs ranged from $750,000 to $1,050,000. Improvement costs ranged from $400,000 to $600,000 and the final values ranged from $1.5 Million to $1.8 Million. The homes were a huge hit, and our first open house received an unprecedented 450 visitors. I handled every aspect of this project from vision, acquisition, permits, construction management, finishes, staging, and marketing. I personally designed, submitted and obtained approval for each design review and building permit. Known to be one of the strictest building departments, my construction drawings usually passed first review. The project came to an abrupt halt when the Real Estate crash of 2008 caused property values to drastically decline and there was no financing available to potential buyers.

Creativity & purpose, intuiting equity – founder’s perspective!

Setting Yourself Up For the Best ROI

When setting out to undertake any sizable home improvement, be it an ADU, remodel, facelift, or starting from scratch, why is choosing the experts in plans and permits so crucial? Tackling a home project, however large or small, requires extensive knowledge of all the required steps and processes needed from start to finish. From visualizing and designing drafts to the strenuous permitting process, during building and after finishing the project, you’ll need help from the absolute best. With so much opportunity for things to go wrong, you’ll want to ensure that you and your home are in good hands. Taking into consideration all of the necessary steps involved in home improvements, here is a list of the top essentials you’ll get from an expert company. These tips will make your renovation a breeze.

Creativity & purpose, intuiting equity – founder’s perspective!

4 Generations of Building Bridges

Circa 1900, my mother’s family. Grandma Gokey’s father owned Syracuse Steel and Engineering. Here’s a great photo of my great grandfather with his construction crew. He engineered, manufactured and built the steel bridges across the Erie Canal in New York. Hard to imagine the magnitude of this operation. Manufacturing steel, securing government contracts, engineering these structures, creating temporary dams for each of the 18 bridges, building the structures, managing the business and being on site with workers. This work was done without phones, computers, faxes, overnight mail service, fast food, cars, etc. This was before there were trucks and highways. He literally built the infrastructure that fostered the growth of towns and cities. I recall my grandmother talking about her father as if he was a normal guy. She was a pilot in the 1950’s, and partner in my grandfather’s business called “CITY GAS” – the company that brought natural gas to Florida in the mid-1900’s. My mother was a champion in everything she accomplished – Real Estate, mortgages, development, catering, home and commercial design, and an unbelievable cook. The thing I remember about her most is she never compromised her values. She had more integrity than anybody I know.

Creativity & purpose, intuiting equity – founder’s perspective!

Speaker with Robert Kiyosaki @ Rich Dad / Poor Dad

I have spoken to crowds up to 1,000 people as a guest speaker and specialist in Real Estate investing and financing. In this photo, I am (holding the microphone) on stage with Robert Kiyosaki, world renown author of Rich Dad / Poor Dad. This particular event was broadcast by San Francisco’s KCBS and I was speaking about my audio, video, reading materials and seminars on financing.
My experience in financing dates back to the beginning of my career, which started at 18 years old. After obtaining my Florida mortgage broker’s license, I became one of the top 200 highest producing loan officers in the United States (Originator Magazine), closing as many as 996 loans in a single year. By the time I was 26 my company was the Official Lender of the Alta Vista Search Engine and Alexander Finance, which accepted as many as 2,250 loan applications per month with a volume over $360 Million per month.

Creativity & purpose, intuiting equity – founder’s perspective!

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