My projects fetch the highest resale value at the lowest costs to build.  I think like an investor because I am an investor.   A fourth generation industry professional with 28 years of experience, I purchased and remodeled my first investment home at the age of 18.

It’s not just whether something can get done, I tell you if it should be done.  There are a million and one ways to lose money on a construction project.  I provide insights to help you avoid problems and exceed your vision.

Architects, designers and engineers typically only have experience drawing and getting permits.  That’s just not enough.  I’ve managed millions in construction of my own projects.  Hands-on project management experience is gold to a home owner.


Aryeh’s career focus has been in Architectural design, mortgage banking and Real Estate development.  At the age of 22, he founded the official lender for the Alta Vista Search Engine, Northern Light and Alexander Finance originating as much as $360,000,000 in a single month, and at 26 was hired as CEO for 1st Nations fostering its growth to become one of the largest mortgage banks on the Eastern seaboard of the United States.  Aryeh has designed hundreds of homes and commercial properties, and flipped about 90 of his own investment properties.

Parallel with his 28 years in Real Estate, Aryeh developed The Loan Calculator (software), Central Florida Classifieds (publishing), Rich’s Patio – International Beer and Pizza (bar/restaurant).  Elected class representative at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, his educational focus was child development psychology.  He served on the regulatory and legislative Boards in Colorado, and mortgage brokers’ association in Florida.

Aryeh is heavily involved in non-profit volunteer for kids programs, fundraisers for organizations, community activities, concerts, meetups, educational and motivational seminars and food distribution.  He founded and ran JACLA – Jewish Activities Center of Los Angeles, a California non-profit organization that produced about 260 events from January 2015 through July 2016, and published the JACLA Magazine which was read by an estimated 20,000 people per month (http://jacla.org).

A survivor of Stage 4 Cancer, Aryeh’s speaks with groups and individuals in schools and hospitals.  Verbally handicapped from a full laryngectomy, he fought to develop a voice that can speak almost normally, even on the phone.  During his rehabilitation, he became an expert in social media communications and launched SOCIAL DASHBOARD INC as a social media management company which continues to manage app development and development of social media analytics software (http://socialdashboard.com).


Aryeh Rifkin, Bellaire Estates Developer

Aryeh Rifkin, Bellaire Estates Developer

While living in Tiburon in 2004, I noticed the genetic potential of the prestigious Bellaire subdivision.  I felt the superior location and large buildable lots deserved a complete redesign, and with 181 total properties I saw tremendous potential.  After arranging... read more
4 Generations of Building Bridges

4 Generations of Building Bridges

Circa 1900, my mother’s family.  Grandma Gokey’s father owned Syracuse Steel and Engineering.  Here’s a great photo of my great grandfather with his construction crew.  He engineered, manufactured and built the steel bridges across the Erie Canal in... read more
Speaker with Robert Kiyosaki @ Rich Dad / Poor Dad

Speaker with Robert Kiyosaki @ Rich Dad / Poor Dad

I have spoken to crowds up to 1,000 people as a guest speaker and specialist in Real Estate investing and financing.  In this photo, I am (holding the microphone) on stage with Robert Kiyosaki, world renown author of Rich Dad / Poor Dad.  This particular event was... read more